Is There a Male Breadwinner Norm? The Hazards of Inferring Preferences from Marriage Market Outcomes, with David Lam. Journal of Human Resources, forthcoming.

The Declining Labor Market Prospects of Less-Educated Men, with John Bound. 2019. Journal of Economic Perspectives 33 (2): 163-190.

A Modern History of Fiscal Prudence and Profligacy, with Paolo Mauro, Rafael Romeu and Asad Zaman. 2015. Journal of Monetary Economics 76: 55-70. 

Works in Progress

Rising Inequality in Mothers' Employment Statuses: The Role of Intergenerational Transmission. Revise and resubmit, Demography.

   *Different version was circulated in 2018 as Intergenerational Transmission and the 21st Century Rise in Skilled Mothers' Labor Supply.

Why Bother? The Effect of Declining Marriage Prospects on Employment of Young Men.

When Sarah Meets Lawrence: The Effect of Coeducation on Women's College Major Choices, with Avery Calkins, Dana Shaat and Brenden Timpe (draft coming soon)