*Replication materials for published work available on request.

Rising Inequality in Mothers' Employment Statuses: The Role of Intergenerational Transmission. 2021. Demography 58 (4): 1223-1248.

   *Early WP version circulated in 2018 as Intergenerational Transmission and the 21st Century Rise in Skilled Mothers' Labor Supply.

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Works in Progress

The Effect of Declining Marriage Prospects on Young Men's Labor-Force Participation Rate.

   *Longer JMP version, with wider scope and more results, available here.

When Sarah Meets Lawrence: The Effect of Coeducation on Women's College Major Choices, with Avery Calkins, Dana Shaat and Brenden Timpe.

Returns to Family Background in the Marriage Market: New Estimates from Intergenerational Tax Data, with Caroline Walker, Jonathan Eggleston and Marta Murray-Close.