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Journal Publications

"When Sarah Meets Lawrence: The Effect of Coeducation on Women's College Major Choices," with Avery Calkins, Dana Shaat and Brenden Timpe. 2023. American Economic Journal: Applied Economics 15 (3): 1-34.

"Comparing the 2019 American Housing Survey to Contemporary Sources of Property Tax Records: Implications for Survey Efficiency and Quality," with Emily Molfino and John Voorheis. 2022. JSM Proceedings, Survey Methods Research Section: 1688-1717.

"Is There a Male Breadwinner Norm? The Hazards of Inferring Preferences from Marriage Market Outcomes," with David Lam. 2022. Journal of Human Resources 57 (6): 1885-1914.

"Rising Inequality in Mothers' Employment Statuses: The Role of Intergenerational Transmission." 2021. Demography 58 (4): 1223-1248.

   *Working Paper version (2018): "Intergenerational Transmission and the 21st Century Rise in Skilled Mothers' Labor Supply."

   *Public engagement article (2022): "The Within-Gender Gap: Employment Inequality among U.S. Mothers."

"The Declining Labor Market Prospects of Less-Educated Men," with John Bound. 2019. Journal of Economic Perspectives 33 (2): 163-190.

"A Modern History of Fiscal Prudence and Profligacy," with Paolo Mauro, Rafael Romeu and Asad Zaman. 2015. Journal of Monetary Economics 76: 55-70. 

Working Papers

"The Gender Pay Gap and its Determinants across the Human Capital Distribution," with Kendall Houghton, Amanda Eng, and Andrew Foote.

"Race, Class, and Mobility in U.S. Marriage Markets," with Caroline Walker, Jonathan Eggleston and Marta Murray-Close.

  *America Counts Story: "Opportunities for Marriage, Partnership Shape Women's Family Incomes"

"The Effect of Declining Marriage Prospects on Young Men's Labor-Force Participation Rate."


"Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Employment Earnings, and Professional Engagement: New Insights from the 2021 National Survey of College Graduates" (with Michaela Dillon, Lynn Milan, and Kelly Phou)

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